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Welcome to the Professional Business Coaches Alliance – North America’s premier alliance of independent business coaches!

Business coaching is a rewarding profession
and we’re glad you’re exploring it!

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What do business coaches do?

As business coaches, we work with business owners and executives who want to maximize their own potential and achieve greater results in their businesses
and in their lives.

We work with our clients in the areas of business effectiveness and personal effectiveness. We help them:

1) Achieve
clarity of priorities
2) Develop the most impactful strategies to achieve their objectives,
3) Help break those strategies down into tactics (must-dos) for those strategies to be fully implemented, and then...
4) Decide on specific action steps that the client will complete prior to the next session together.

But that’s not all…
We also provide a forum of accountability to our clients. Most of the time, our clients know what needs to be done; they just aren’t getting to it. Instead, they work day-to-day in the operations of their businesses without enough attention being paid to developing the business into a valuable, profitable company. When our clients work “intentionally” on their businesses (and in their own lives), they are more passionate about their work. Their companies are more profitable and valuable and a joy to lead.
When our clients work more intentionally in their own lives, they are healthier, happier, and much more effective in their work.

Business coaching is a booming industry for one reason: It works.

At the PBCA, we believe that every business owner or executive would hire a business coach if he/she was approached the right way. We also believe that there is no better way to help a person than by using professional coaching fundamentals. As a highly-relational business, it is important that coaches be authentic to their own personalities and be able to leverage their own unique skills and abilities. There are important fundamentals that must be adhered to, but the process is not a cookie-cutter approach.

Why the PBCA?

Because as a business coach, YOU are the product, YOU are the service, and YOU are the brand! We’ll show you how to use your decades of business and life experience to make you the most effective business coach you can be!

A 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. Upon successful course completion, you will earn the designation of Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC).

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“When I discovered the PBCA, I not only found all of the prerequisites I was looking for, I received even more. I have been able to run my business coaching practice the way I want and maintain the lifestyle I envisioned. I not only get access to important tools and white papers, but also get amazing support from the PBCA and the coaches within the PBCA. I never though it possible to work independently AND have support at the same time, but the PBCA allows us to have both.”
- Cindy Piva, CPBC


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